Is Anybody Listening
Type - Tab
Part - Whole Song

Hello, im new here and basicly logged in for the first time just to make this post. So bear with me if i miss out on something you are used to in these kinds of posts or if its in the wrong section.

I have been looking for tabs for the song "Is Anybody Listening? - Built On Secrets" for a while but cant seem to find it anywhere.

The reason its so "important" for me is that its a song that i sent to a girl long ago when we had to part ways due to unavoidable occurances. We again picked up contact after several years now, and when she came to visit, this song (out of the 1200 i have on my list) started playing at random. And she instantly reacted to it.

It would mean the world to me if someone of you more experienced musicians could possibly get the tabs down "on paper" for me (I do have "Guitar Pro 6" aswell. so that would be even more amazing!).