It's been almost 2 yrs playing guitar and I have some unsolved issues.

Can you help me on how to find out a correct strumming pattern which complies with the time signature for any song? I know how to read written music. But cannot figure out the right pattern with it. Others say just listen and copy what's done in the music piece but I think there should be a technical way of reading the sheet and figuring out the perfect pattern.

Please help! Thanks in advance!
There is no way of doing this properly from the written music, often they don't contain the chord strum patern at all and when they do it is not completly accurate - this is (one reason) why TabPro, GP6 etc never get to sound quite right. Different music styles, blues, folk. metal, punk all have their own small variations in the spaces between chord strums and which notes are strummed in which part of the bar - the only way is to know the style or listen to a recording.

Clearly the time signature 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 etc give a clue but the notes and spaces can only get to about 1/32 or 1/64 th spaces and variation. Many strum patterns are like bass note, space, strum, strum or bass note click strum click and the amount of ringing out is varied though the bar and in difference parts of the song. Learning to listen takes time just like learning to listen to the note pitch.
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