Hey, are there any budget priced fan grey guitars on the market? Preferably 7 string? Mainly for testing purposes as where I live there are no guitar shops to try one!
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Agile 72527 is $499. Outside of used, that's about the cheapest you're going to get.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

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Thomann has started doing some under the Harley Benton brand. They probably won't amount to much, but they could tell you wether you're a fan (see what I did there) or not. Not an option for US I believe.
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Well depending on where you live the market varies, Or should I say the name on the headstock, I remember reading something at Rondo Music's site about shipping an Agile to somewhere other than the US or Canada, and Kurt the owners response was along the lines of, No its too expensive so buy this brand available in your country, Its the same damn guitar with a different logo built by the same manufacture, Which in the case of Agile is World Musical Instruments Ltd. Incheon S Korea, Who also build for PRS, Chapman, Dean, Schecter, BC Rich, Gretsch, LTD, Line 6 and a several others, The budget part is the fact that you never heard of the name before, Agile what's that?
Yeah I'm on Isle of Wight, UK... very limited music shops, only 2 that sell guitars!

I've looked into agile couple years back but it's about $150 to post it!

I'll look at Thomann! Cheers