You often hear "You play bass like a guitar player". I think i play guitar like a ukulele player. I was watching some tutorials on things and noticed that i tend to do things very differently and it's things i do when i play ukulele. I started with uke thinking that i have big fingers, and if i get used to the absurdly small fret board, guitar would be easier, it was mostly true. I am not a great player but i am thinking ,should i ditch my odd techniques and do it "properly". So i thought if anyone plays similarly, did it limit you from progressing?

It's things like:
1) I pick like this guy. (starting at 0:55)

I do his "backwards angle" but i extend my ring finger and pinky and rest them on the scratch plate at all times. Just like i would on ukulele to keep it in stable position. But i let those two fingers slide there, it's not like an anchor point. So i would think there's no real consistency/stability in that.
2) If i play with pick or nail of index finger, i prefer upstrokes when picking single strings, unless i need to play faster.
3) I often strum with just thumb exclusively and no other movement. Just thumb. And quite fast, maybe that's bad for muscles and is just a way to injury?
4) I pick very far from bridge. It somehow seems easier. Tone seems fine there too.
5) Since ukulele has super tiny and thin neck, which you don't really touch, (at least i didn't ) i don't touch guitars neck ever either. For barre chords i press against with just soft pad of the thumb. But generally it's just touching the top of the neck with thumb and loosely trying to squeeze neck together through the longest distance, instead of pressing it against fingers that press in the fret board.
6) I solo like Lil Wayne. Technique wise!!! If i attempt to shred on the higher strings my thumb goes from being on top to just touching middle of the neck and my fingers are rather straight not bent. My thumb is almost where the tip of my fingers are on the other side.

How messed up is my technique? It seems to work just fine but it seems very wrong now that i've paid attention to it.
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Your technique is quite strange, I must admit. But there's not much that I would classify as being inherently 'wrong', aside from your thumb position. To be fair, nobody has perfect technique. Everyone has their own ways of doing things. Someone with perfect technique might still be a terrible guitarist, and someone with terrible technique could still be a great guitarist. I would say for the most part you can leave things as they are and give it a try. But, if anything starts to hurt or doesn't feel natural or if it's interfering with your playing in any way, it might be time to change some things.
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