I wanted to ask you for an opinion, hope you can help me...
I´ve been into the music world for quite some years now, but only about half an year ago i entered the guitar world, have been playing acoustic guitar ever since...
I´m planning on buying a guitar and an amp, the thing is... I'm working with kinda of a tight budget, 400-500 dollars for guitar+amp, the styles i am going to play range from blues to rock and maybe some metal so the one thing im looking is versatility.
Hope to hear from you and thanks
A big up from portugal!
-I Have Around 400$

-Both new and used although i prefer new of course, i am willing to order online

-I'm new to guitars so i'm still trying to figure this stuff out bu i'm going to give it a shot:
I don't really have a preference in body style and neck profile but i'm really fond of the PRS tipe guitars although i'm open to suggestions
Pickup configuration probably HH would be the best for me, again i may be wrong
Because i'm buying a cheap guitar probably fixed bridge would be the best for me so i dont have problems with tunning etc but anything is fine for me
I've been looking over harley benton, they seem to get a lot of love in the reviews and they are really really cheap

-I don't have an amp.
Off the top of my head, and with a budget of about $400 to $500 and into rock blues and a bit of metal? I'd say the Boss Katana 50w 1x12 amp should cover most of the bases on versatile, Comes in at $200 USD and most places ship it for free in case you cant find one at your local store, As to guitar? Little trickier, Myself I'm more of a Humbucker sort, but that's not to say there are not those that cant rock some single coils, Although metal on single coils may be a stretch, Could get a bit ugly, but for the blues they're the big dog on the porch, So finding that happy medium is harder to do when it comes to your guitar and budget, Not that you wont find a nice guitar for $200 to $300 and especially in the used market, But its really more a matter of preference when it comes to the guitar, Actually the same applies to the amp once you get to that point of no return, But for starters I'd say pick a guitar that you like to look at, Kinda like a hot girlfriend you cant keep your hands off of, Not that you wont kick her to the curb at a later date cause she's a bitch, But you gained experience and the next will be better, Or at least that's the theory. What? you thought this would be your one and only electric guitar and amp? Oh I got some bad news for you Sunshine,
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I'd say the Boss Katana 50w 1x12 amp should cover most of the bases

If you're after versatility, the katana is a must
Thanks for the suggestion!!
I've been looking over some harley bentons recently and they seem to get really good reviews considering their price, do you have any experience with them?
Once again thanks a lot for the replie!
From what I gather the Harley Benton stuff is on the same page as the Rondo Music stuff we have here in the US, Pretty good stuff for the money, And if not mistaken made by the same manufactures depending on model, Who of course make guitars for countless other name brands,, Harley Benton is a UK based brand name, so to see one in the US would be rare, As to a logo on a headstock? Dude I have First Acts that would blow your mind, Granted made in the US by a handful of former Gibson custom shop luthiers, but for your average logo sniffer the fact its a First Act means its a junk Chinese made department store guitar, Meaning don't judge the logo, judge the guitar itself, Portugal Huh? Yea my grandparents were from Portugal. Stood in line at Ellis Island for they're papers, they said Grandpa was crazy, Had to explain he was just Portuguese, Go Figure
^ HB is German-based (Thomann).
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For me the logo on the headstock means nothing tbh i just want a good guitar i can practise and gig with