I've been recently been looking at some amps. I want something pretty versatile. Something that can acheive tones from dream theater to exodus. I've been looking at the mesa mark v and the evh 5150 iii. I listen to bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Opeth, Dream theater, Exodus, Anthrax, Pantera, Testament, The Faceless, Iron maiden, Wintersun, and a lil jazz. I want something that can achieve those tones. Any ideas? I'm open to other amp ideas as well.
Budget? Combo vs head/cab? Number of channels? Reverb? Effect loop?
I definitely want a head and I don't have a budget. I do want an fx loop. Reverb can be optional. And maybe 2-3 channels at most.
If you genuinely don't have a budget and you want to cover all that stuff I'd suggest the Bogner Ecstasy or the Suhr PT100.
What do those amps sound like? I'm looking for more of a traditional sound.
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What do you mean by more traditional? Like JCM800 sort of sounds?

PT100 is pretty firmly in the hotrodded Marshall camp, so that's a good bet. John Suhr did amp work for Van Halen so he knows his way around that genre.
With the Bogner you can get all of those tones out of it and a ton more if you want to. The Ecstasy is absurdly versatile.
The PT100 has a Fender-ish clean channel and then channels 2 and 3 are Marshally, 2 is a hot plexi structure and 3 is high-gain souped-up Marshall.
The Bogner is more open-ended with all the switches and modes. The clean can go either way, channels 2 and 3 have a plexi mode but can be voiced for more chug and modern lead sounds if you want them to. There's a "new/old" style power amp switch and some models come with an A/AB as well, so it reach even farther back into Bluesbreaker and Tweed kind of sounds too.

Both of those are going to get you closer to old-school Marshall tones than the Mark V, if that's what you're after. The Bogner might be a good choice if you like all the features and tweakability of the Mesa but like the older Marshall type sounds. The Suhr isn't exactly light on tone-shaping options but it's a little more straightforward and it's more specifically British in its orientation.
By traditional sounding and looking at the MK V and 5150 it seems you mean a more US voiced amp, In which case those two should get the job done quite easily, So what wattage were you looking at, as they come in a few variations, hate to start suggesting 100w monsters when you only want 25w
With no more info than this:

- Mesa Dual Rec Roadster or RoadKing II
- ENGL PowerBall II or something like the Savage or Invader II
- Marshall JVM
- Carvin V3
Jackson Kelly KE3 - MIJ (Distortion/Jazz)
Jackson DKMGT Dinky (EMG 81/85)
ESP E-II Eclipse Custom (JB/'59)
ESP LTD EC-1001FR (EMG 81/60)
Fender MIM Strat

Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster 212
Laney IronHeart IRT-Studio
Peavey Vypyr 30
Peavey ReValver Amp Sims
TOOOO many T.C. Electronic Pedals. . .
Soldano SLO and a Mesa MkV.
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I've been looking at some amp vs videos on YouTube and so far the Mkv is winning it for me because of its versatility as I like to play many styles of music and not just metal. At sometimes though it seems a little too bassy. My favorite amp tones of all time either come from Master of Puppets, And Justice for All for rhythm. And for cleans I'm going after that Welcome Home Sanitarium and Floods (By Pantera) tone as well as jazz type cleans.
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How are the cleans on the engls because I've heard mixes feelings.

pretty good. I'm not sure they're the absolute best out of the high gainers, but they're nowhere near the worst either.

unless you try one of the more vintage-ish models (blackmore, retro (though i haven't tried it)) they might be a bit modern for what you want?

worth a try for sure if there's one handy to you that you can try, though.
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OP, I'd say Mark V off the bat. If you need more gain, maybe a Dual Rec or Triple Rec. There are lesser volume versions (25 watts,etc.) that might work.

Other amps - Laney IRT series, Marshall JCM2000 DSL series (might need overdrive), Fryette SigX, Pittbull (Pittbull might need OD/boost). Peavey XXX (Exodus used one for long time), JSX (to cover all the sounds), there are some Rivera, Bogner and Engl amps that you can look at as well. Soldano SLO with a boost would do nicely, there are some Randall amps, Diavlo, Thrasher that will do well in this kind of setup.

I feel the 6505 might be a little too much as it has no cleans, but might be worth a look.

The EVH 5150 III might also be another contender.

Dime used some Krank amps - I find these in general nasty and buzzy but it might be the ticket for you. Used they sell for good price.
I think I'm still leaning towards that mkv. I mainly play thrash but I do love me some prog and the mesa would be great for that.
Mk V is on my list of next amp to own. There's also a Petrucci Mark, which is closer to the MkII with some mods (2eqs), that one will be a lot more stage friendly as I imagine he wanted bunch of more options on the footswitch. If you find a Mesa dealer you might want to look that one up. I found that I liked the MarkV over this amp, but it is also an option.

Forgot to mention Orange - look at the Rockerverb 50 or 100 (MkII or MkII), I played one recently at GC and fell in love. That's another amp that you can own for the rest of your life. If you want more metal - they also have the Dual Dark and lot of other great tube heads that can deliver variety of tones. These amps are one of these that you can roll off the volume and get almost clean tone. I love pretty much their whole line of tube amps, so check them out too.
I think of them as a more mid throttier Marshall.
I managed to find Mesa dealer with MarkV and the JP-2C and tried them back to back thru same 2x12 Mesa speaker. I liked the MarkV better but for stage work I'd probably prefer the JP-2C. If you make it to a Mesa dealer also look up the TC-50. It is a Marshall voiced amp, and from I've heard about it is going to be a Marshall killer. The dealer I went to unfortunately hadn't taken delivery of these models.