I'm hoping it improves my music theory, composition and motivation!

I'd imagine a lot of you play keyboards and sight read everything, wish I learned as a kid. The general consensus is that they are great for helping you learn about music in general, do you agree?

I've been playing guitar about 10 years, but am very new to piano. I have a Roland synth I mostly use as a Midi controller and got by with it so far.

Anyways, any tips on what to learn is good, i think it has some lesson demo tracks programmed in with sheet music for now
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Good move. I am a very basic piano player. I have played for many years but never progressed much technically but I find everything theory wise is easier to grasp on a keyboard. That's my opinion.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
Sightreading comes with a LOT of time and practice, regardless of instrument.

Going between frets 0-12 on a guitar string (or however you want to go chromatically) is a lot less clear-cut than the same process on the piano, which has this set of repeating keys throughout its range:

What kind of music do you like?
For those that wished they had a keyboard to explore and discover things, you can get started on the popup piano. Not so good for playing music, but as an aid to theory study it is OK.

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I recently picked up a keyboard for just this purpose. I find it much, much easier to digest music theory on a piano for some reason. To make things worse, most people trying to explain music theory to me leaves me thinking about cheeseburgers or sex about two minutes in.

However, I found a series of videos on youtube that I found incredibly easy to understand. This isn't my channel and I don't know the guy, for the record.


I'm not 100% sure if I'm allowed to post links like that, but if not I can delete it. Just search for "Michael New".
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^ cheers, nice lessons, I'll check them out!

My keyboard came yesterday! Really nice to play, never had a full size with hammer action, plug and play USB to my DAW...I love it.

Already it's helped me to understand a lot of things that were hard to understand with guitar. Progressions, inversions and the sight reading seems to come pretty easy so far. I'm sticking in Cmaj/Am for a while, composing in this key is almost brainless, but all the progressions I've done so far seem to have been done many times before, I do 4 chords and think, shit that's Let it Be...or U2, or cranberrys...yeah, they're all the same 4 chords, just have to change it up I guess. Thanks for the replys, highly recommend anyone thinking about a keyboard to go for it. A good quality keyboard action seems to motivate more than a standard synth type controller
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most people trying to explain music theory to me leaves me thinking about cheeseburgers or sex about two minutes in.
I guess your teachers must be either very fat, or very attractive... or maybe both?