Hey guys i need advice. I want a new amp head for metal mostly megadeth/metallica type tones. Is the jvm 410 good i know dave mustaine uses them these days. I am also looking at a mesa mark v 25. Will the jvm be good for bedroom level playing and will it give me good metal tones. And will the mesa give me a good megadeth tone. . both esp ltds, one is the deluxem1001 and the other is a dave mustaine signature ltd
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I am not a fan of the JVM's at all. I would take a DSL over one of those any day. a jsx may be worth looking into. if you want raw hotrod Marshall tones, look into a splawn quickrod or a Fryette pit bull cl.

edit: Friedman makes some wicked stuff too.
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I am the biggest fan of the Marshall Dsl. I prefer the old ones, but I think the new ones can really do a good job. I believe the JVMs don't sound as good, but they still sound great. And while they don't sound as good in my opinion, they can really sound great and they ahve a great, almost snarl to them. What the Jvm lacks in sound it MORE than makes up for in versatility and tonal options. For the money, the DSL can't be beat. The jvm offers more versatility and options, the foot switch is killer. Id still go with the dsl over everything.
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I think the Laney IRT series offers some low volume 15 and 30 watt amps that might work great for that and can go even lower in volume. Marshall DSL40C is probably your best bet, unless you prefer the 15C version due to volume constraints.
Thanks everyone. Its funny i went to sam ash to try the dsl i played the 15 watt and tbh i thought it sounded to fizzy even with the gain on 2-3 o clock. Idk tbh i thought my blackstar tvp sounds better with less background noise. I think i will wait until i can try out some mesa boogie mark Vs. on the good side i picked up a used esp custom shop dave mustaine for $500 at guitar center. What a steal
diabolical has it - try out the Laney IRT-Studio. It's a great bedroom amp and sounds good at low volumes + headphone out, silent features, USB, DI, etc.

It's a little 3-channel metal monster and the cleans are great on top of it. I'm about 2 weeks into mine.

I've never used the DSL or a Mark V. My opinion is based from having a 5150 and Mesa Roadster.
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Thanks guys ill check out the Laney IRT studio! And diabolical yes!! It was a dave mustaine axxion custom shop ESP!!! I couldnt belive my eyes i lucked out. Im a mustaine fan boy so it seems like a gift from the universe lol
Shape is a bit weird, like Paul Gilbert's Ibanez copulated with Blackie's B.C.Rich Warlock, not bad though, good score. I imagine it wasn't highly priced b/c of the shape, it might turn out to be collectable as that guitar never took off and Dave sold off to the highest bidder, in this case Dean as they rely on endorsements the most.

Yes its a shape designed by dave. Theres one selling used on guitarcenter.com thats going for almost $700 i called them to ask if it was esp or ltd and they guy said ltd lol. And the only custom shop version selling online is on reverb.com used for 4.2k !!