I'm thinking of buying this amp or the Blackstar HT-5. The Blackstar is used but only $220. The reason I'm leaning towards Bugera is because I love clean tones and I'm not sure if Blackstar excels at that. Anyways onto my question. The Bugera only has a Phones out on the back. Can I use this to go straight into my Focusrite dock instrument input to record my guitars? And if so will I get the full tube sound from the amp? I record in my bedroom so I don't want to mic the amp. Thanks for any help!
Anyone? I'm going to buy this bugera today but I don't want to buy until I know for sure I can use the phones out to go DI into my recording interface.
There is no reason a phones output cannot be connected into a DI input of a recording interface.

Will you get the full tube sound? Can't tell how much you will get without seeing the circuit diagram. Obviously you won't get the full power distortion or the speaker and cab distortion.
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The product description gives you the answer. You do get the tube sound, and a simulation of the speaker apparently. (Sounds like a good thing - suspect not as good as real speaker mic'd up though)

"Finding a headphone out jack on an all-valve guitar amp is incredibly rare because the integration requires loading the output transformer and filtering the signal for a loudspeaker simulation. "
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