Hello there.

This is a well written track. It's a little less heavy than I would normally listen to but is quite catchy. The verse guitar part sounds cool.

Mix wise - the sound is generally quite good. The vocal is the only thing I think doesnt sound quite right. The performance is pretty good but it sounds like it needs some eq. I felt it sounded boxy (can a vocal be boxy?) and needed some treatment. There are also some lines where the start or end of the line sounds like there is almost a pop or other artifact where something has been cut off or comes in abruptly. This seems to be mainly in the chorus (the first chorus I think is the most obvious part). Not sure what would be causing it but I would say worth looking into.

As a matter of composition I would consider adding some backing vocals in here and there, probably in the chorus. At the moment the vocal sounds a little bit on one level throughout the song - adding some backing vocals to the chorus might help differentiate a little and add some power.

Anyway, relatively minor criticisms. Overall a job well done.

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Thank you man!! I tried to remove the pop sounds as much as possible. It comes from mic issue.

I tried to open the link but it failed.
This is a pretty catchy song, did you use the whammy bar for the main riff (@ 0:06)? I enjoyed a lot the vocals, and the rasp is sounding badass. I enjoyed the changes on the drums for the second verse too.

On the other hand, the high note @ 2:50 kinda let me down, I was expecting it to be longer. You might wanna work on that kind of highs so you can hold them longer and build some strength. Also (this is just personal preference) I would've added some kind of bridge or variation to step out of the intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus- outro formula, but I respect it if you were going for that.

Overall a pretty decent song, I actually enjoyed it and it's stuck in my head now!

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Thank you. I will definitely work on my vocal! Great to know you enjoyed it!

I did use whammy bar for the main riff