This is my second EP, I'm kinda shitty at mixing/mastering so sorry about that (hope you like the songs anyway). Leave a comment on any song you want and I'll C4C your music as soon as possible!

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Hello there. Thanks for the comment on my thread.

This is very well written stuff. The performance seems tight as well. I think the really deep and slappy sound of the toms was a little too much at times - on the opening track and on Pedulum they sounded a little weird when playing on their own. Your metal vocals sound very good. The clean vocals are generally good but a little pitchy at times (I cant really complain about that - my singing sucks real bad!).

The production/mix is not bad. A little more work here and there to carve out spaces for different parts would make it sound a little more pro. I think your rhythm guitar is a little muddy/distant sounding and low in the mix. A little more mids might help bring it out a bit (but beware of the further conflicts that can create with vocals etc). Also, I'm not sure how you mix your vocals but some of the vocals seemed to fluctuate in volume a bit - if you dont already then I would recommend trying to draw some gain automation before you start adding compressors etc as it will help even it out without crushing the dynamics completely.

I would say End Transmission was probably my favourite of the tracks - It had a good balance of harsh vocals and clean singing. The intro vocals for that track were really good too - The way you have mixed them fitted really well. For my personal taste The Weight of Winter had too much of the clean vocals.

Anyway, really good work - very impressive.

Hey Victor, first off I'd like to say that your songwriting is great. Pendulum is my favorite song for sure, really cool solo too. I think that inserting clean sections with the gritty rhythm stuff is a great way to prevent the listener from getting bored, and you do that well. Your playing is pretty tight too, although some of the chugging parts are not completely in sync, but that will just improve with practice. If you ever have trouble tracking a particular section cleanly, there's nothing wrong with a little editing to clean things up (so long as you make sure you can actually play it :P ).

I think your biggest issue here, as you've already stated, is the mix. Overall, the vocals seemed to be pushed infront of everything else instead of blending in, and it feels like they are being muffled behind something, or like it was recorded in a very small space. I really don't know anything about vocals, but I would recommend adding a bit of delay and reverb to fill the empty space and make it sound more interesting.

As far as the guitars go, your rhythm tone is okay, but I believe that it would see a lot of improvement with the proper EQ. Guitars are mid-oriented, so it's always a good idea to try to accentuate the best mid frequencies (each situation can be different). For starters, you can remove some of the low end from around 130hz or so to make room for the bass and kick, and maybe cut everything above 10khz. There can be some unwanted stuff around 4-600hz, and besides that you will have to play with boosting different upper mids and find what works for your guitar.

The drum kit sounds good, but the cymbals (especially the china) are significantly louder than everything else. The kick sounds great, maybe raise it a little. At times, the drums overpower the other instruments, so just watch out for that. All in all, for a second EP, this is really good. The mixing/mastering thing is something that you have to really invest time into to learn, there aren't any shortcuts. Just keep at it and before you know it, and you'll be 10 times better than when you started!

So, just listening through the first track, I really like your approach to writing, you have these (sometimes dissonant) ringing leads and are complimented by these interesting rhythmical parts in the lower end of the frequency spectrum. As much as I love black metal and blast beats, I don't think it suits your music for more than a bar (or at least not in 4/4). I agree with RabidBadger, your guitars could have a little more mids and a little less bass. In fact, if you cut out some of the bass, you will make room for the actual bass guitar. You could achieve this with an overdrive pedal (real or virtual) in the FX loop of your real/virtual amp. As for the overall mix, I feel like there is some undesired separation between different instruments, perhaps consider a light application of reverb on the entire session, or maybe if you already have done this, apply a little more.

I know it probably isn't your style, but I would appreciate some feedback on this piece of mine.

Vishnu - this is a very interesting song. I was deeply immersed in it. Your solo style is very unique, and your composition is great.

How many string guitar did you use in this song? The low pitch really adds a dark heavy feel to the song.

Great job!