So I want to get an epiphone les paul custom pro because of the versatile sounds the pickup coil split options offer.

I've seen some from various years from 2000 all the way up to 2015 sold online. Aside from the year they were made, is there much difference in the year model I go for? Should I ideally go for a older or newer one?

From what I can tell, les pauls seem to hold their value well, seeing as the old ones aren't that much less than newer ones. So am I better off grabbing an older one, or put a little extra in and get a newer model?

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What genres & tones are you searching for? Budget? Other gear? New vs used? General location? Open to internet shopping?

Open to non-Gibson, non-LP guitars?
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dannyalcatraz Sorry, i had to edit my post as I accidentally submitted before finishing it lol.

I already have a few non les pauls, and 1 les paul (MKH-7),
The older Korean-made Epiphones are holding their value because of the preconceived notion that Korean-made guitars are better quality than Chinese ones. But the Epiphones made back then weren't the quality guitars that everybody knows Korean-made guitars to be now. They were very inconsistently made, even by Epiphone's standards. One thing they're unflatteringly infamous for was the fact that so many of them had their tuners installed on the headstock crooked, and many of the sunburst finishes on the LP-standards of that time looked awful - Often they're called Clownbursts. For reasons readily apparent in this pic:

I know that isn't relevant to the guitar you're looking at, but it illustrates the point that the notion of the older Korean-made LP's being better guitars than the current ones is kind of a silly one. Yet many sellers on ebay keep the notion alive so they make more money in a sale.

Not to mention that the quality of the pickups and electronics in the Korean Epiphones were significantly worse than the current Epiphones. The Probuckers in the current Epis are actually pretty solid for what are essentially own-brand pickups in a budget guitar. Same can't be said for the older Koreans.
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T00DEEPBLUE I see. Yeah I think that I'll look into the more recent ones then to be honest. The relatively small difference in price kinda tells me I should just chuck a bit more ££ in and get a newer one, and particularly considering now they are more consistently well made. Thanks for your input man
Also your title says you want a "Customs Pros".Iirc the 'Pro' guitars are a quite recent edition to their line.The Pro ones have better pickups.I think they're the Probuckers.They'll sound a little different to the older ones.
Yeah the "Pro" part only came about in the last couple of years. I have a 2015 Epi LPC Pro. It is a very solid guitar, however things to note:

The electronics have crapped out and I have to keep punching it every couple of weeks to get it to work, I think it is one of the push/pulls that has shat itself.
The frets were grey, they weren't scratchy or anything, just very dull grey and needed a good polish.
The binding on the bottom of the fretboard (next to the neck humbucker housing) is a little sloppy.

The pickups are great for rock and blues but if you want to play anything approaching metal I would advise swapping them, they are pretty low output AlNiCo II's and as such don't have the oomph required. I am going to replace them with a set of IronGear Hot Slags after I get paid and rip out all the electronics and replace those pots and switch to stop the thing cutting out on me occasionally.
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N1ghtmar3C1n3ma I Was not aware that the pros were recent.
and yeah I have other guitars for metal, but I want something thats a little more versatile and from what I can see on youtube reviews, the custom pro seems to be a good fit for that.
I'll keep your input in mind about the electronics though, thanks man.
Have a look to the new 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute, incredible Les Paul , I order one , Gold Top finish price is very cool , 800 Euros

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I'd probably go new if I were ordering an Epiphone. There's no benefit to buying an older one (unless the price is significantly less, of course).
There are a wide variety of similar guitars that have coil split pickups and/or that can be wired to provide split coils. This is certainly not exclusive to Epiphone.
I've got one, it was my first guitar and I'm not to fond of it, the jacket socket broke and I had to pay to get a new one, two of the knobs have fallen off and it just feels like a cheap guitar.
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So I want to get an epiphone les paul custom pro because of the versatile sounds the pickup coil split options offer.

I've seen some from various years from 2000 all the way up to 2015 sold online. Aside from the year they were made, is there much difference in the year model I go for? Should I ideally go for a older or newer one?



There were no Epi LP Custom Pro models in 2000
they came many moons later (~2012)
Yo I completely forgot about this thread! Lol
Thought I'd give you all an update on what happened.

So basically I managed to get a freaking bargainnnnn! Got a White Epi LP Custom, from 2002, so it was made back when Epiphone were still manufacturing these in Korea as opposed to China. Upon checking the Serial Number online, I found out the factory was Samick (I've been told that this one was a pretty good one - anyone able to confirm?) And all this for just £160 ($196) . 

The only downsides were:
- two small chips in the back of the body, one of which isnt too noticeable 
- the finish of the front of the headstock was dulled and had lost its shine (i think thats the way to describe it lol) Some of the letters in the Epi logo still have a lil shiny-ness but the overall paint has gone pretty dull (a friend suggested maybe from exposure to sun?) Pictures Below. 

 I've now decided to get some EMGs in there (I painstakingly had to let go of the idea of Gold ones and just stick to black as the Gold pair of 81 85 would cost double the money but really though, JUST FOR THE COLOUR?!) and then use it as my metal guitar for standard tuning and drop D tuning! 

What do ya'll reckon?

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Gold_Concept Ha! If only my wallet allowed it -_- ... ONE DAY! lol

I wouldn't be in a big hurry about that. 
dspellman Oh don't worry man, I'm not particularly rich AND i have a little common sense aha. To be fair though, some of these Epiphones out here are pretty damn good! 

Just MY opinion - the Matt Heafy signature LPs and the Brend Hinds flying V pretty much feel like Gibsons (or at the very least, not far off!) when you play, so if Epi keep producing quality instruments like those, I don't see myself buying a Gibson any time soon