I just got the strymon bigsky and am loving it. I play mostly on the cloud setting. I love setting the decay high and the mix high for getting those nice soupy swells. But my problem is when i try to play individual notes lile scales or arpeggio it gets lost really early.

So i try rolling the mix back and the decay and even throw in some pre delay to get the verb out of the way but i feel like I'm losing a lot of that dreamy wave of heaven sound.

I don't know if there is a better way of setting it up but i think it might be one of those one or the other type situations. So ambient players, what would you suggest i do. Note i will be picking up a delay pedal or two soon so that might help.
FlawlessSubZero When you play a crowded part with heavy delay or verb, obviously it will just become dense and muddy. You have to find a happy medium. Or use an expression pedal to control the mix level. Another tip is, if you are using both a bridge and neck pup or just bridge, is to play closer to the bridge. That will reduce some of the lower midrange (mud) from your signal.
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Get another reverb pedal. Or two. I'm being serious though; you can never have too many reverb pedals. I'd set your Big Sky for those huge sounds, but also have another pedal on a more conservative setting. Turn the Big Sky off for more complex playing, then turn it back on with the other one for volume swells and slower arpeggiated type stuff.

I do that with my Hall of Fame and EQD Afterneath. I set the HOF to a moderate decay setting for just about any speed/complexity of playing, then kick on the Afterneath when I want the tone to go into outer space. You can get some pretty amazing sounds by blending two different reverb pedals like that as well.
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I second the expression pedal or usage of a second reverb. If all else fails though, can you not take advantage of the bank system on the Big Sky? It has such a huge store space for saving your favorite sounds, that there's no reason not to have two or three (or ten) of your favorite settings set to scroll through. It's even midi capable, to where you can set specific settings to be triggered for certain songs, via midi switcher or some smart looper, if you ever go that route. You seriously have one of the best and most powerful reverb on the market, for both studio and live use. Use those features!
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