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Right now Ive got a Jackson soloist SL2H, LTD EX-400, PRS SE Custom 24, PRS S2 Custom 24, and Ive recently ordered an Ibanez JEM JR which Im going to upgrade with gotoh trem, tuners, locking nut and dimarzio evos. Today a Dean VMNT popped up for $600 canadian in the local buy and sell and I cant decide if I should get it or not lol. Used to have a Edwards RR which I sold back in the day because I wanted a gutiar with a neck pickup and now an opporunity has arisen to go back down the V road lol.
I would never buy a dean. flat out. especially a lower end one.
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I would never buy a dean. flat out. especially a lower end one.

This. Not only has every single guitar of their I played felt like a total cheap arse piece of shit, but their business practices are horrible and they are trying to milk a dead man as much as they can.
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I would never buy a dean. flat out. especially a lower end one.

There's a big difference between the Dean's you see artist use and most of the ones you'll see on the shelves. I really love my Dean Acoustic, for what it is. I'd honestly put that $600 guitar against most $2000 accoustics (maybe not Martin :P). But they're electrics are just cheap feeling.

Dean can only do what they're doing with the permission of Dimehag's eststate. If you want to point at someone for being a vulture, look at the executor and/or heirs.

As to the main reason I'm posting: I own & love 2 Deans, made & purchased new in 2003 or so. One is a Time Capsule Cadillac- very high end for their product line; objectively a very good guitar.

The other is a Special Select EVO- a @$500 LP knockoff. The guitar is surprisingly well made. It holds tune like a man dangling from a rope out of a skyscraper window. The only problem is the harsh-sounding humbuckers.

And having tried other Deans, I say that I will not buy another one unless it is at least as well made as that EVO, because cheap Deans are terribad.
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