Hi! this might be an stupid question but, I want to make sure this is genuine ibanez. I noticed the position of screw on the bridge is different from what I saw online. Today there are so many fake ibanez out there specially here.That's why I want to know. btw This is Indonesian
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So many fake Ibanez out there? Seriously? As to why an counterfeiter would want to counterfeit a middle of the road Ibanez is anyone's guess. Perhaps if really desperate and in need of a quick few bucks it could happen, But one would think if someone were to counterfeit a guitar they'd choose something a bit more high end, Kinda like shop lifting a potato when you could have just as easily shop lifted a steak,
Looks real to me. The screw position on the bridge does seem to differ from picture to picture, but they could've just changed that from one year to another.
Currently, the picture on the Ibanez website for the RG350DXZ shows the screw position like it's in the pictures you linked.