I recently picked up an eleca evd-1 tube distortion box. It's the older style one where you can see the tube thru the window.

The power input says 13v and I emailed someone selling (the newer version) and they said it needs 600 mah. I found a power supply that is 13v 650 and the pedal lights come on, the tube glows a bit, and the light for distortion/clean comes on.

I can play thru it in bypass but when I click it to Active I get a very very faint sound that's very distorted and kind of fades out.

The board looks good and the connections are all fine and it doesn't seem to have been dropped or damaged in any way.

Should I use different power or is it maybe that the tube is just dead?
1- mAh (milliampere hours is different than mA milliamperes). You might want to double check the specs. I think I read somewhere that it requires 13 VAC, and not 13 VDC, if that matters.

2- The tube may be shot. Maybe buy a replacement (likely a 12AX7).
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The pic on the internet shows the power supply calls for "13v ac". Is that what yours calls for? That is going to be a hard plug to find. Is yours printed 13v ac? You need an ac power adapter. Does your new adapter say 13v ac or 13v dc?
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Is the manufacturer around? That is a question for them. The problem with tube preamp gear like this is that if they decided to get it to run decent plate voltage unless you have the factory spec power supply you'll have to look harder for something that'll work.