I mainy play hard rock and alternative. I have a VHT Special 6 amp and I used pedals that I built. I originally thought of some humbucker sized P90s cos I like their sound. Most of the options are a bit pricey for my tastes.

Do you guys have experience with GFS pickups?
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Some HBS P90s are still affordable. What is your budget per pickup?

(No opinion on GFS, sorry.)
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I've had a few sets of higher end GFS pickups, including the now-defunct Brooklyn P90s, and liked them all. Their Dream 90s have been around a long time, and come in a lot of cosmetic variations, which I suppose means that they as good sellers, so I personally would take a chance on them.
So mean 90s or dream 90s?

Also, will a fullsize pickguard fit the G400?
Purple string dampener scrunchy.