Hi guys, I'm looking at a second hand Gibson SG Special Faded (brown) made in 2016, would this make it part of the 'T' series? These are the only ones I can find new at the moment, did the normal one get discontinued? And if so what is the diffrence between the standard model and the T one? Thanks
As far as i know in the 2016 range they did two versions of some of their line.There was the 'HP'(high performance) which was similar in spec to the 2015 range and then the 'T' which is for 'Traditional' which is just your normal specs.
If they don't specify which one it is then you'll need to either ask the seller or have a look at the pics and see.Does it have the electronic tuner on the back of the headstock?or the brass nut?
If you're not sure then see if you can post a pic.