Pretty much indisputably, the biggest change in the music industry in last 20 years has been the inception of the internet as the primary platform for finding new music, purchasing music and listening to music.

Many people have waxed lyrical about how this change is actually affecting bands and musicians and more people have highlighted the various pros and cons of this situation. What's occurred to me, as an aspiring musician and band member who is starting to think about creating an online presence, is how some bands seem to do it really well and other bands really, really don't! How many bands approach this key factor of their marketing can often mean the making or breaking of the band, regardless of the quality of the music. Just think how many brilliant bands there are out there, that you may have found on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, who are just falling flat on their faces due to misguided or naive marketing.

I spend a lot of time browsing this forum and I think it's fair to say that people on this forum, and basically all internet forums in general, are happy to dish out criticism, complain and suggest ways they would have done something differently.

So, given all of the above, it'd be interesting to see what the good folk of this forum think about bands and how they approach their online presence. What things do bands do that irritate you and put you off actually checking them out. Equally, what do other bands do that encourage you to check them out?

I'm not trying to self promote in anyway here and have removed reference to my band from signature. I'm just really interested to get an insight into what other members of the notoriously prickly metal community think about this sort of thing.
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I really don't find a facebook profile being the main information source for your band to be a good thing. It's pretty hard to find information beyond all the memes and shitposts. If you have a good and resourceful website functional, then you could consider adding some social media presence.
Start a band, make a bandcamp page with your music on it, make demo tape, send it to some metal labels, if they want it you get promoted through them.