Catchy chord progression at 0:14! I would have brought up the guitar a bit and the bass down. Maybe some double guitars would have been nice? Not a fan of those drums.
Interesting change in rhythm at 0:27, like it!
The transition at 0:55 was a bit abrupt. Cool chorus, but I think the bass is way too loud. Nice guitar solo, not at big fan of the tone thoug.. Like opening melody at 2:16. Like how the solo is moving forward. Good job with this one.
All in all, I think you have good potential here. Keep it up!

Wanna check out mine?

Thanks for the C! It's definitely just a first draft (well second draft really). I think by bass you mean that synthy thing in the chorus, yea I gotta bring it down a bit definitely. And yea the chorus is a bit of an abrupt increase in volume so I'll probably have to bring it down.

Do you have any ideas on the name for it?