Hey everyone,

It seems I was a member here before but never found the time to learn in the end. Finally I have time to focus 100% on learning again.

A brief history, about 10 years ago I picked up my first guitar, learnt a few chords and riffs but that was it, nothing more. Didn't have time to play and then lost interest a little.

Fast forward 7 years, found Rocksmith so thought I'd give it a go. Worked out quite well but again, after about a year of just messing around a few hours a week and not feeling like I was getting anywhere I stopped - lack of time didn't help.

Now, a couple of weeks ago I was encouraged to pick it up again and did so. While it's only been a couple of weeks and my fingers still get that numb/tingling feeling in the tips I guess that previous messing around paid off a little. Once the rust had gone I felt I was making some great progress.

I'm still far from calling myself a guitarist or saying that I can play even a little but determination and focus should help me achieve that goal soon.

Hoping to find some good tips and techniques here - currently the G to C (or anything to C) chord change is what trips me up along with bar chords but I'll get there, I have to, I want to be able to randomly start playing Freebird whenever anyone asks...

Thanks for having me here and please, encouragement is very much welcomed.
Welcome back! Playing will definitely stick with you once it becomes more fun than it is work.

My God, it's full of stars!