Lyrics and Poetry Editor Assembly

Friends and writers,

This is the Lyrics and Poetry Editor Assembly! This forum receives a good deal less traffic than other parts of the forum. Despite this, we have generated a rather impressive library of poetry, lyrics, and other forms of writing. There is a lot of potential and quality that resides in our posters, and a great way to develop this would be to help one another become more active in the editing process. TS Eliot's "The Wasteland" was twice it's length originally before Ezra Pound got to it and helped transform it into one of the most important pieces of all literature. Via email, PM, or post, let's use this thread as a way to help each other grow.

Want to be an editor?
Great! For the sake of efficiency and accuracy, I'll ask that if you want to be an editor you do three things.
          1.State which form is your primary form of writing (Generally speaking of course. Song           Structure, freeform, metered poetry?, etc.)
          2.State two strengths of yours. Please, only two. (Examples: Pacing, Theme, Syllable           Count, Structure & Format, Imagery, Analogy, etc.)
          3.Please tag/reply to me in your post so I get a notification to add you to the OP.

As an example, you'll see my name at the top of the list. I write freeform mostly, and something that I do with many of my pieces is create narrative that fits around a central idea. I then think about my writing and pick two items that I would consider central to what I try to accomplish and feel are strengths of mine. That way, if someone were trying to write a song or poem that required narrative, they would know that I am a likely source of good perspective in the same way that someone composing very structured sonnets that requires syllable and word choice help would know that I would likely be of very little help.

How do I get a piece edited?
A few ways. You can ask in this thread if anyone is interested in helping you after you leave a brief description of what you want to accomplish. You could also post a piece freely and ask for general criticism and comments. Otherwise, you can directly PM material to anyone on the editor list. This thread can also be a place of general questions and advice.

By agreeing to be an editor, you agree to being private messaged pieces for criticism. Please do not ignore pieces. If you don't have the time or capability, simply let the author know. If I receive multiple reports of an editor not responding to pieces in a reasonable time frame I will remove you from the OP.

Available Editors
JustRooster - Freeform (Pacing, Theme)

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i might join in on this once i figure out whether i'm going back to jail or not. but that won't be in another 2-4 weeks, plus a month and a half potentially. just have this fear of being inconsistent since that's been my involvement here since day 1.
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