I want something that's extremely affordable that is 24 frets and has a single pickup in the middle something like an Aria Cliff Burton type bass. Similar shapes prefered. not so similar prices prefered.
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I've actually seen a dean bass that i liked that is somewhat similar to the bass i was talking about a couple minutes ago. It's a Dean Edge 09 and it's average quality or so the reviews say, but i am willing to refinish it and change the hardware and pickups. Thank you for the replies
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Good luck bud, though I'm not sure I'm on board with what you're doing. post pics when you buy whatever you buy.
Having owned some of the top basses ie Fender, Musicman, G&L and Burns all of which have been sold I paid £219 for a 5 string far eastern Affinity Jazz Bass, put on an active kit and there is nothing about it that makes me miss those I've sold.
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