good bye to guitarist and innovator Larry Coryell..@73

had the good fortune to see him play live several times..but the one that stands out..NYC he played in a "dive" club "Slugs" aptly named ..(Lee Morgan was shot and killed there by his wife..)

it was a very small club..this night mainly filled with young guitar hopefuls .. some I feel went home that night and burned their guitar..he displayed some amazing symmetrical runs at hot tempos and fused some country licks in some very "out" fusion lines..and even a touch of classical mixed in..

He will be missed..thank you Larry
play well

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wolflen, are there recordings you'd like to share of highlight performances in your opinion?

this one shows the talent of Coryell .. John McLaughlin..and Paco de Lucia..doing Meetings of the Spirit,,a perfect (phrigian) flavored tune..for anyone who might wonder if playing with a pick is faster than fingers..Larry is taking the place of Al DiMeola..

there are many of Coryell on UTube...

He influenced me a lot..
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