Hi guys,

I have a jackson soloist SL2 and it comes with "FRT-o2000" double locking bridge. While it definitely is a decent bridge I was thinking if an original floyd rose would fit to my guitar's body without additional modifications?

Has anyone here in the forums experimented switching to OFR on their jacksons? Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated
There isn't very much point in upgrading an FR1000 to an OFR unless the FR1000 happens to be damaged or something. They're awfully similar bridges (The differences are pretty frivolous imo) and it's an awful lot of money to spend for relatively little gain. If I were to upgrade anything about an FR1000, I'd put a brass big block in it.

But to answer your question, dimensionally the FR1000 is identical to an OFR, so they're directly interchangeable.
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T00DEEPBLUE Yeah maybe you are right. The reason why I even thought about this is because my friend has a spare golden OFR (it would look so damn cool in my soloist) that I might get for a good price but perhaps it isn't worth the trouble.

Thanks for your input!