Hello, UG. I'm getting a new guitar soon that I'm hoping to gig and tour with rather frequently. I've been having trouble finding a hard shell that can endure the abuse that comes from constant loading in and out.

I've seen a lot of complaints against higher end Gator flight cases, and I've been weary of Fender's hard cases due to reviews about cheap latches. Also, I have to wonder if the tweed cases would get thrashed in no time fast. I'm having a Telecaster style guitar built by the way.

I couldn't find any forum topics about the best hard shell cases, so I'd appreciate the help from others experience! Thank you so much!
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If you're really worried about it that much, I'd just get a flightcase.
I have a Hiscox case that's pretty sturdy, but my Gibson and Fender cases have been fine for years too, so yeah. As much as I don't mind damage to a case, I still don't run into walls with it if I can avoid it.
I use the Gator flight case and an SKB, and I have had zero problems. You want to make sure that whatever case you decide to use, your guitar fits snugly. You're have a T-style guitar made, but it may not fit perfectly in that case. My Gator flight case is for a Les Paul Tribute, and it fits snugly and has been very protective. My SKB is for an Ibanez, and that's worked great too. I don't treat my cases well, they are for protecting my guitars, and if you saw the dings on my cases, yet the pristine looks of my guitars, you would see I believe in that theory. Anyway, those are my suggestions. I'm not sure what the complaints on the higher end Gator cases are, so I apologize for my ignorance. I only know that the locks are very good, the build quality is excellent, the plastic is strong, and the guitar is snug. I have the Ibanez version of this SKB for my Ibanez. http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=590&o=&offset=&c=82&s=75 Waterproof and injection molded.

Forgot to mention TKL, and they make very good cases, which I also use for my acoustics and a Les Paul. Here's their Telecaster style: http://www.tkl.com/?siteid=search&qsearch=tele*&sh=Guitar%20-%20Tele%20Style
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The tradeoff is usually weight, size and cost vs. durability and protection.

I have old-line Anvil flight cases that have stood the test of time and treachery, but they're heavy, bulky and expensive. They claim to have some new versions that are lighter, but they're not cheap, either. http://www.anvilcase.com/music/?route=product/category&path=35

Over time I've replaced the interiors of these cases (foam rots) and/or changed it out to accommodate different guitar shapes, but I've never had one bashed so severely that it was unusable or failed to protect the guitar.

I've also inherited (sort of) some older G&G cases (https://ggqualitycase.com/ ) that have been through thousands of miles of touring. They're beaten but not broken. But they're also not cheap. I'm actually talking to them about having their cases (they're wooden) hosed down with LineX (google it) rather than covered with tolex. My experience with cabinets that have been LineX coated suggests this will be a much longer-lasting exterior material.

If you're just doing around-the-town gigging, you might just consider NOT loading your guitar into the truck/trailer/van with the rest of the gear. That way a Mono gig bag or an under-$100 molded case might last you a lot longer.
I'm fine spending $200 on a case, and the G&G did appeal the most.

I've had great experience with Gator for my LP case as well. I just recently heard a few traveling horror stories about their flight cases which surprised me. Could be just a random experience that happened to one though!

I appreciate all the suggestions so far.
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