Hi all! I'm looking to buy a new guitar amp. I found some which make me feel interested in them:
-Hughes&Kettner Edition Blue 60 DFX
-Marshall MG50CFX
-Blackstar Blackstar ID Core 100
-Boss Katana 100
The key is that it is important for me that it should be universal and have FX loop option. I'm playing generally rock music but I'm looking for something with good parameters as good clean,not bad crunch,lead.Which would you choose to Gibson Les Paul Faded Studio 2016 with budget about 300-400 euros?
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Price range? So you don't want tube - only modeler?
8Len8 Well I was looking for valve amps too but I don't have much knowledge about amps generally. I have chosen those amps because of price range,quite nice reviews and sound tests
Look into Jet City amps, especially with your budget.
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