I'm looking for a new amp. I've been looking around and the Kemper seems to be perfect but it's just too expensive. I don't need particularly high volumes (at all, I play in my bedroom), I need to have a direct out as well. I'm located in Austria.
What Kemper alternatives are there that might be on the cheaper side? I still have a budget of about 1000 Euros.
If you don't need power, you could look into the nicer modelers. Amplifire, Helix, Boss GT, etc
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Maybe the Amplifire 12?

I been eye balling that too !!... Every demo I've watched sounds pretty good and seemed easy to operate
I'd check out the Amplifire. It the only thing that's remarkably cheaper than an Axe-FX, Helix or Kemper that can compete with those.
If you want to play through speakers in your bedroom, I'd advise you to get some powered studio monitors. If headphones are fine for you, get a good pair.

I'd save up for the Kemper to be honest. More than worth it, in my opinion.
Keep your eyes open; Kempers are beginning to show up more often used these days. There have been a couple in the local (Los Angeles) Craigslist recently, including one that wasn't even unboxed yet.
Were you looking at the powered Kemper? If you don't need volume, go for the unpowered one, FRFR and a good set of headphones. Have no idea what the used market is like in Austria, ever see them used?

The Atomic stuff gets great reviews and any videos I've seen make them look to be great bang for the buck.

But if you have your heart set on a Kemper/Helix/Axe, you may always second guess the decision to go 'lower end'.

Then again, tone chasing is a never ending process. I've actually thought about selling my Kemper & 5150 III for an AX8 & high powered monitor, just to tidy up wires. Crazy, eh?
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I just need the unpowered one, I have active studio monitors and headphones which are more than enough. I'll look around for a Kemper then ^^
if you really want a kemper then save for one. like said, you'll just regret it.
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