So I've been looking at buying my first head and cab at some point after only having had combos so far. A good contender for the head at the moment is the Victory RD1 which would seem to suit my needs fairly well. But then the cab... Do cabs have a lot of tonal differences and how should one approach possible mixing and matching? Or do you reckon I oughta just go with a Victory cab if I get the RD1?
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Cabinets sometimes have tonal differences, but it's usually the speakers themselves that make the biggest difference. You might just want to keep it simple and *not* worry about mixing and matching...
Open back cabs sound less focused than closed back cabs.

To me 1x12 cabs sound small. I usually prefer an oversized 2x12 cab (almost as good sounding as a 4x12, but smaller and lighter.
Kalluh I would just get whatever Victory recommends with the RD1. Which I would guess would be a 1x12 with a Vintage 30 in it, which they likely have one made with their name on it.

The most matching you need to do, as far as the amp and speaker actually working, is the speaker should be able to handle the max wattage of the amp, and they should match impedance ratings. So a 30w amp should have a speaker that can handle at least 30w. Having the speaker rated a little higher is safer in case the amp rating was conservative or the speaker rating was liberal, so a 35w or 40w speaker, etc. And the speaker should be rated at the same ohm reading as the amp's speaker out jack you are using. So an 8 ohm output into 8 ohm speaker for example.

The rest of it is preference/needs/budget. Cab material, speakers, orientation, backing, etc. 1x12's are maybe a bit "small" sounding, but are really light, direct, and great for recording and home use. 2x12's are a bit bigger sounding but are going to be heavier, and you can get some phase cancellation depending upon a few parameters. But you can also mix and match speakers for somewhat a stereo image, or mic whatever speaker you are feeling that day. 4x12's will be annoyingly heavy but will sound yhuge. Also, typically American-voiced amps (Fender) will use Jensen speakers (or an "American-voiced" speaker) and British-voiced amps will use British-voiced speakers. No hard and fast rules though.

If I were choosing your cab, I would get a 2x12 housing and put a Celestion Alnico Blue (to bring out the spanky, bright clean tones of a British amp) and a Vintage 30 (for the br00tz). Get them both 8 ohms, wire them in series so 16 ohms total load. Or do like dspellman said and don't over-think it (or don't let other people over-think it for you) and just get something like a 1x12 with a V30.
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Looking at the Victory site it seems many of they're cabs are V30 loaded. Hard to go wrong with the V30, As to that British tone Will Lane was talking about? I read an article awhile back about how Celestion voiced they're speakers, Namely the V30 for different markets, Meaning the speaker you found in a British Orange or Marshall isn't voiced exactly the same as one found in a US Mesa Boogie or Peavey, I know useless information but informative read. And granted cabinet design also comes into play, Personally I'd just go with the Victory cab and call it good,
Thanks alot for the help everyone, very informative!
Now he sees the forest for the trees
Now he touches just enough to feel
V30 cab will do the trick. I think the rd1 sounds like ass though.
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