So my parents bought a house, and on the attic i found an old tube amp. I like to think I know a thing or two about amps and gear in general, but I had never seen or heard anything about this manufacturer. I've googled quite a bit but can't find that much, just some quick info on wikipedia. It says Express 7 on the front of the cabinet, and on the back it says Teisco, Express 7, Made in Japan etc. From what I've read Teisco stopped making amps 1969, and that they were bought by another company, Kawai something. However, it doesn't say Kawai anywhere on the amp, so I'm guessing it was made before they bought it, no?

So what i wonder is if I am right in assuming that this amp must have been made around 69' or earlier (I couldn't find a way to track the serial number)? Are these any good, like, what's their deal? Are they rare/valuable/sought after? Are they shit? What can you tell me about it? (I'll leave a link below to picture)

This one definitely needs a good tune up, I also read it can explode if you plug it in the "wrong" wall socket (I live in sweden, we use Europlug type C & F).

Teisco was a japanese made budget company  from the 60s. their guitars are pretty bad by todays standards but was what many started on back in the day. never played one of thier amps but i imagine it won't sound bad. certainly not tone of the gods or anything but you may get a semi-decent clean sound and it may sound kinda cool cranked. if it works then great nice find. can't comment on the power situation perhaps take it to an amp tech. 
we need much more info... and gut shots. should be an easy one to get going if you know what you are doing. i would put money on the fact that it could probably benefit from some new filter caps. everything else we would have to see/hear.
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