i just did this : http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/fender-pre-amp-mid-boost-kit-25-db to my strat and i love it.
i would love to set up one of my Gibsons with something similar or similar-ish.

i don't even know what i am looking for.

is there something out there? that would give the gibby a little bit of punch.

its an older studio with burstbucker sometihng or anothers. the pickups are fine for most use.
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I remember Hetfield has an od circuit built into his.

he uaea EMGs though, right?
Preamp setups for bass are widely available and common. Because guitarists are so stick-in-the-mud traditional, there are fewer of those out there. Carvin has had an active preamp available for years (I've got a couple guitars with those) -- on a standard quad of knobs you actually get a master volume, a master treble, a master bass and a blend knob, as well as miniswitches for coil splits and phase switch. The master treble and bass give you what you'd normally get with dimed passive controls at the "5" detented position and can actively cut and boost 15 dB as you move to 0 or 10. The drawback of the Carvin setup is that the center-to-center distances of each pair of controls is locked into the circuit board. Might not work on your LP. The old AR400 and AR500 series Ibanez Artists from the early '80's had an active/passive setup that would featured a three-band EQ and more.

I have an old Bartolini-equipped (mid 70's) guitar that has an *active* varitone-style knob, a master volume, a pair of treble boosts, yada yada. At that time, Bartolini was making active pickups that were NOT designed for metal. So was Alembic. It might be worth contacting some of the folks who build preamps for basses and talking to them about putting something together for you for guitar. Most of them build semi-custom anyway for custom bass builders. Talk to Alan at AC guitars in the UK for starters (http://www.acguitars.co.uk/acg_admin/wordpress/ ). He might know where to point you.
There are onboard preamps for guitar available as well as effects pedals that are just boosters for the pickups. Even an EQ pedal will do the same job.
Hets old white Explorer was passive with overdrive battery powered boost/od that he used to switch.
I remember on their now ancient 87 film about Cliff on one of the songs it showed him switching it on for a little lead lick.
It was the 80s and we were kids and had a pedal tech that tinkered in distortion boxes, who really was a classmate with soldering iron. For something like $30 he built a circuit for my buddies guitar, it was 1x1inch green board with 2 mini pots that were tone and gain, and the thing was distortion circuit that you can flip with a switch. It powered off of 9v battery. We all envied it as he sounded like the Possessed. It must've been based on a Boss SD-1, Metalzone or Rat circuit, as that was all we had.

Back then all shows we did had backline and all we took were our guitars and maybe some pedals. He took just his guitar. People were impressed and thought it was the coolest thing.

I had a SD-1 that I traced and etched myself and my dad did the soldering and chose components for it (he has EE degree). It ended up sounding a lot sweeter than the original I copied.

Then it broke and that kid had lost interest in circuit design so my buddy had to gut his whole electronics and rewire from scratch.

Sorry about the trip down memory lane...I remember I had a point. In the 80s kids were more interested in diy projects like that, and mods were not uncommon. The next generation seemed to lose interest in pedals altogether, pedals came back en force maybe around 2010. Everyone was going fir Johnson J-station or POD bean.
I had a Gibson LP studio deluxe that had a tone pot that had a db boost to it. I found it actually very useful.
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You could probably throw an old Jackson JE-1200 mid-boost system in there from the 80's. I think there's a guy in ebay that makes repros of them. But you need long shaft pots for Gibson's right?
Waddy Wachtel uses EMG preamps in his Les Pauls, for what that's worth.
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