Hi guys,
My name is Tommy, I'm 28 years old and was born with a very rare kidney and liver disease. I've undergone 2 transplants and lost the second one in 2011 and have been on dialysis since then while i'm waiting for a third one. I've been an avid guitar player since I was 10 years old, its my passion and my escape from the hell that is my medical life. I never had an issue with playing any guitar until 2011 when I lost my last transplant. My body started to change a lot, I developed a serious bone disease that shrunk the bones in my fingers a tiny bit which makes arpreggios nearly imposible. also due to the bone disease and dialysis I am very weak all the time, which is a lot of the issue since my main guitar is an Epiphone LP Custom, its way to heavy for me and the neck is too bulky. Ive tried a couple Ibanez that I really love like the eGen8, or the S770PB, Something with both Duel Humbuckers and a Single coil option would be perfect. I just dont have a lot to spend with all my income going toward the transplant related medical bills and things of that nature. I just feel like I'm slowly slipping into a depression because its getting very hard to do the one thing I love more than anything. I hoping I can trade in my Epiphone LP custom for a decent chunk off of something new but idk, Im just looking for any suggestions. Thank you all in advance.
You might want to try a headless guitar. Carvin/Kiesel, for example, makes a couple of variations, and the weight is usually between 5 and 6 lbs (compared to the 8.5 to 10 lbs of your Epi LP). In addition, you can request a slim neck profile. Instead of a 41" guitar, you usually save about 10" and will have a 31" overall length guitar, but with a full-size scale around 25.5" and 24 frets available.

Maybe look into playing a keyboard. I find that playing keys often gives me a lot of the same feelings guitar does. Not that they sound the same but you can still play along to jam tracks, you can till create and have fun. If I were to lose the ability to play guitar and still could do something, keys would be the way to go for me.
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The headless idea isn't bad. For something that might be in your budget in that realm look at Steinberger. A semihollow might otherwise be a good idea.
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I can think of more than a few lightweight guitars and modifications that can make a guitar lighter. And while I understand your plight, the clearer the picture on your budget, the more we can help you- some of the things I have in mind are pricey, rare, or both. That means they may be too expensive, or may not be an option for a "trade" in some locations.
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