I have a Jackson KV2 King V with an original floyd rose and it constantly goes out of tune just from playing, I don't even use the whammy bar anymore either.
Sounds like you need to spend a little bit more time dialing it in, or simply block it.
Bukakebloke Why not learn how to do it yourself? Paying someone to set the guitar up for you doesn't teach you anything.

And no, I think the titanium Floyds are insanely overpriced and if the original Floyds weren't up to snuff, we would've stopped buying them many years ago.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
Bukakebloke So every time you restring the guitar every month, you're going to take it into the same guitar shop each time? It's your money and time you're wasting, but okay.

What makes you think whoever is setting it up in the shop can do a better job than you can?

Did you fully stretch in the strings with every restring? Did you at any point adjust the guitar's action by raising and lowering the bridge studs under string tension? Doing that risks damaging the knife edges which'll prevent your guitar from staying in tune.

One thing to try if you have not already is to put some vasoline on the knife edges to lubricate them.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
T00DEEPBLUEi just simply can't do it, it doesn't work when I do it, maybe if you Skyped me and you could walk me through it I would appreciate it, I'd even give you £20 via PayPal.
Bukakebloke Sure thing dude if you're offering money

But seriously, there are a wealth of sources online that show you everything that I would show you. Only they're free.

Like this one.


The only thing I wouldn't recommend in that guide is adjusting the action at the posts with the strings under tension. I'd loosen the strings off first and retune when I'm done. But other than that it's pretty

If you're really, really stuck though, you can skype me. I'll PM you my skype username if you want. No money required
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
your kniife edge could be worn which would result in tuning instabilty. chances are that it is a setup issue though . is your guitar setup in drop B now? if not then that could be your probelm right there. 
Things to check

1. Strings, how old are they? Strings that are old will go out of tune (especially on a locking trem), as the windings on the strings start to wear under tension in the block, sometimes just snipping the end off the string at the bridge end and then putting it back can be a quick fix, but really you need a new set of strings in this case.

2. Locking Nut, if it's old and worn it's not that unusual for the strings to slip even while the nut is locked.. You can easily test this by turning the tuning pegs while it is locked and checking the pitch. Sometimes this requires simply tightening the nut bolts more, sometimes it requires replacing the nut blocks.. A real floyd rose should have hard material that would last for decades, some of the cheaper trems (even like a Floyd Rose II) will have softer hardware that can bring up this issue.

3. Trem posts. Are they loose or are they looking worn? Sometimes worn trem posts can cause a lot of issues, using some form of lubricant can help with this. Some grease can go a long way, seen some use lip balm or even synthetic outdoor bicycle oil.. A bit if lube goes a long way. Sometimes the answer is simply to replace the trem posts though, but lube is still advisary!

4. Knife Edges, after years of abuse these can go out of shape, take the trem off and inspect them, clean them off and if they aren't looking too good you can file them back into shape, this can make the world of difference. Google a guide to get an idea, also lube.

If it's an original Floyd Rose then they are bomb proof when maintained and setup properly, upgrading to some new type probably isn't the answer. Learning to do this sort of thing yourself is important, because you're going to be wasting a lot of money getting other people to fix some easy to solve problems if you don't.
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Have to agree with Blue here, You need to learn the FR for yourself, They aint exactly rocket science, They may look a bit complicated but they're really not. In fact quite simple, And as an original as opposed to a licensed almost bullet proof, So one of those way over priced titanium jobs will be for looks more than function in this case, The only improvement will be seen in the sellers bank account I'm afraid
Always wanted to do this, Like we care what gear you have!
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If you don't use the whammy at all, block the bridge for now. Lots of youtube videos for that, too.
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No, It isn't worth fixing. Those things are evil. Search tutorials on youtube on how to block it.

Absolute nonsense.
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if your tuning that low the problem could be in the tension springs.. when I put my floyd lower than standard i always add an extra spring to even out the tension
Dude if you have 900$ to spend, just buy a new trem and take it to a luthier for a setup. Never adjust string action under tension, that will strip your knife edges fast.