I just wanted to show you guys this little thing I was working on which will eventually work towards an EP in the next couple of months. I was just messing around with an idea and then moved on to some mixing practice (which is pretty rough). To me, it's a bit off but I just wanted to ask if you guys had any useful advice. This is probably my first post in about 2-3 years but I'll try my best to critique any stuff you want to show me.

Le setup:-

Guitar Rig 5 (the guitar is tuned to C, but used a variety of pitch shifters to pull that baby 5 steps down to Drop Z)
Drums via EW Ministry of Rock 2
Grill singing from EW Voices of Passion
Using Ableton Live 9.

Also if you have any great (free) VST's I should get my grubby paws on let me know

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Hey mate, I really like this piece. It starts off like a more melodic version of Deathspell Omega but then morphs into a more Nevermore inspired riff. I expected the guitar to sound like rubbish with the distortion and a pitchshifter, but for the "dreary" and "bleak" tone and atmosphere that you seem to be going for, it works quite well. Your mix (overall) sounds quite distant, in particular the percussion. Have you put a lot of reverb on it? Or were the rooms they were recorded in too big? Either way, they need to be brought forward in the mix. I can't really hear any bass, perhaps you may want to consider boosting it, or separate the guitars and bass a bit more. That said, I would like to hear where you go with this piece, so please send me a PM when it's done. I'm following you on Soundcloud now. As for VSTs, you might want to look into the Emissary amp by Ignite amps and for drums, perhaps the "DrumMic'a!" by Sennheiser, which will require the (free) Kontakt player by Native Instruments.

Also, would appreciate some C4C action.