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Trying to A/B between two browser windows as best I can...but Mix B sounds a more hollow in comparison to A. Although I think the bass guitar pokes out a little bit much in places in A, I prefer it overall. I also feel like the guitars have something less harsh or top-y in Mix A which I prefer. Maybe they just feel lower in volume.
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe
No problem. Would you be willing to share a little background in terms of what you were trying to achieve in the alt mix (unless it simply was just 'more bass') and what approach you took to achieve this? It doesn't sound like a simple boosting of low-end EQ on relevant tracks or volume increase of bass-y instruments. Perhaps subtle boosts and complimentary higher frequency cuts on other instruments? I'm just speculating but would be interested in knowing your thought-process and approach
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe
Alt mix (A) basically same as B with toms little lower, room Sim IR on the drums for more air, bass higher in the mix.
Guitars just a touch lower, that's it. Basically felt the drums sounded perhaps too dry and digital as it is e-kit.