Okay so ive been using a line 6 pod ux2 to record guitar for the last 7+ years and im so done with that fucking piece of shit. The reason why i put up with it for so long is because I wasn't recording anything serious and i liked to fuck around with the settings until i got something remotely okay. But now im moving into more of a serious stage in my guitar "career" recording solos for others and such. Can you guys recommend me a better device that isnt the kemper or axe fx? preferably easy to setup/use like the ux2 was and not crazy expensive. thanks

RME Babyface Pro is supposed to be really great.

However, as a former electronics design engineer I would say that it is no better than some of the much cheaper Focusrite ones, for example, basically it's a preamp with an a-d converter, and there is no audible quality difference.
you might want to consider a stand alone recorder. i use a Zoom 8-track digital recorder along with a Line 6 POD and get rally good results. (see link in profile for examples)   
Look at Audient iD4. If you're serious about recording guitar, I'd suggest getting a high end amp like say Mesa Mark V 25 watts and set up in some kind of way that you can track it off of a multimic setup, or a variety of small wattage tube amps. I've seen through the years that the main sounds are Fender clean, Marshall crunch/distorted, AC30 crunch, Mesa High gain/lead. If you got these covered you're good.
A tube amp?