HI there,

When trying to pick this arpeggio 'one step back, two forward'.

I stuggle to move from one string to another smoothly. Do I need to use pick slanting or similar to get a smooth movement?

I can descend ok, its ascending thats the problem. Any advice mch appreciated.

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I'd practice it with strict alt picking, at least to start. It's fine to angle the pick slightly.

Use a metronome and practice this with different note value: quarter notes, 8th notes, triplets,and 16ths. Make the accents as obvious as possible, exaggerate them, even. Take the same approach to economy picking, too.

Moving quickly between strings can be challenging, but having a consistent relationship between the accents and picking direction makes it a lot easier. Once you can slow down, relax, and keep track of accents, the RH technique tightens up.
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Is this part of a song that's played at a certain speed? Or just an exercise?

In single note per string patterns like this, you need to use something called crosspicking. It's impossible to do it any other way. There's a number of variations though. Check out Troy Grady's interviews with Mike Miller and Steve Morse, and Albert Lee.

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