Do you alter the spring tension via the round circle thing at the top back on the guitar? Sorry if I'm being vague, I don't know how to explain it. I basically want a floyd rose style trek equipped guitar which is easier to change tunings, will I have to alter the strings manually with a skrewdriver, or does the circle thing at the top do it when I turn it. Here's the guitar I have in mind

I don't have any experience with that trem, but just be careful about expecting too much leeway when it comes to tuning changes- while Floyds make it a lot more awkward, you're still limited a lot by string gauge (even on a hardtail). Try to do too big jumps in tuning and you run the risk of elastic bands on your loosest tuning and telephone wires on your tightest...

I found that out the hard way with a tremol-no.

Basically I'm not sure I'd buy a trem solely because it's supposed to be easier to change tunings- if that'd be your favourite trem anyway then that's a nice little bonus, but I'm not sure it's worth getting a trem you like less for that feature, because as I said above, the trem might not be the limiting factor anyway.
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