This song is the third track of Funkadelic's debut album, which is also named like the band ("Funkadelic"). It has a length of 5:40.

A Guitar Pro file which contains at least the bass part would be great.
If you prefer to only tab a guitar track in Guitar Pro, that would also be fine, since then someone else might later be willing to add the bass part to it.
Additional instruments of the original tune (e.g. drums) and included chord names would be nice, but for myself not really necessary.
In any case, the song version should be distinctively mentioned (e.g. "from the album ..."), and the song structure should be accurate (number of measures, time signature(s), time feel) and written without any kind of repeats. - Otherwise it would be too complicated for others, to collaboratively add further instruments later.

If you'd also like to see this song in the UG database, please upvote this request, to make sure that it will not disappear from the request list until it's completed.

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Hey Phil!

That might be a start - thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

Anyway, I'll leave the request open, since it's also those little decorations in the bassline throughout the song, which I'm interested in.
I can't find them out on my own, but I want to learn different fills and such.

Since I'm sure that Parliament/Funkadelic is a favourite of many bass players - from the Funk Genre as well as from the Rock Genre - I think that there should be added much more of their stuff to the UG database.

So again, thanks a lot for those first lines!