Dear Sir,
As i no longer want to avail the services .you are requested to cancel my monthly subscription...

Dreadnought When I go to the main page there is an add for $10 off a lifetime subscription which I'm not able to close therefore I am not able to access the account pages shown in how to cancel my account FAQ. I only paid for one month as that's all I wanted but of course there was an auto renew hidden in the fine print or something . I have no idea how I can cancell my account!
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tab pro please cancel my subscription I brke my arm pls send email conformation

Does breaking your arm mean you're unable to follow the instructions (see the post two above yours) to cancel your subscription yourself?
This has to be the dumbest thread here. Any post after post 2, which clearly spelled out how to cancel. 
Jeffh40 So the fact that a pop up page (while following the instructions) prevents me from getting to the tab to cancel my subscription is dumb? Yeah JEFFH40 you are super smart. Maybe you should reserve your comments since it doesn't add any positive or constructive dialog to this mislead thread.
NSpen1 Thank you for your advice. I was able to get past the pop up (which was from Ultimate Guitar itself) by resizing my screen resollution. The pop is oversized for my sceen settings. Once resized I was able to see and click no thanks to the offer in the pop up, then I could follow the instructions. I have now successfully unsubscribed from auto renewal.
Please  cancel my subscription asap!!! paypal transaction # 2S380773KD787663P  I do not want ot anymore!!! I never wanted it to charge in the first place. I am very disappointed.
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Please cancel my subscription. I accidentally subscribed for lifetime service. I would not be needing it. I have attempted to cancel using steps that are on the site. I was not able to.  "Would you like to manage your subscription?"  is not found anywhere under my subscription plan.  Here us my transaction id:  #UGP05099432 .
  Thank you 
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NSpen1  I am not sure if you fully read my message above. I am telling that i am not given any of those buttons to press once i follow the steps described above for cancellation. after going to manage my account, then to subscriptions,  the is no other  .......  Would you like to manage your plan?"
                                                                                                                                                     Select the option "Your current plan".
                                                                                                                                                  Click on the appeared "Cancel Lifetime" button.
                                                                                                                                                 Select "Other" reason and click on "Continue".
None of these I can do as there is no selection following subscription!!!!!!!!!

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That's not anything I can help you with. I'm telling you where to post to get some help.
Why can't you read and take notice of what someone is trying to tell you?
I need to cancel my subscription before my free trial is up! I signed up for it, but cannot afford the full charge after the trial is up. There is no way for me to cancel it myself. Can someone please walk me through the steps? Or can an employee delete it for me so I will not be charged? Thank you.