I just picked up this amp, knowing there were issuea with it. The YouTube video shows what is going on. Any advice?

It's solid state. Take it to a tech
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pckeen Good luck. I presume you know roughly how to work on amps, so I would just start poking around looking at every component to make sure nothing has failed and look at every connection. I have not heard that kind of sound before. Amps can kill you even when they are off and unplugged, so if you are not comfortable working around lethal voltages just leave it as decoration.
Quote by pckeen
Problem fixed. It was a loose connection on a resistor
Any clue where that resistor was/its function was in the circuit? I am curious why it would cause such an unruly sound. Finding a schematic for this amp has proved difficult.
Not sure. I'm no electrician. I just looked for any damaged connections on the circuit board, found one and fixed it. The resistors value was 330 ohms.