Hi there,

I am currently looking for used multi-effects pedals in my area and I stumbled upon 3.

Line 6 Pod HD500 for $230
TC Electronic Nova System for $350
Zoom G3x for $150

For those who have had experiences with these units, which one is worth getting? Should I consider buying something new for the same price?

I'd be using this for small gigs with a Traynor YCV40 Amplifier. Thanks for all the response.
For that price I'd be all over the HD 500.
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I'd go for the HD500. I owned one about 4 years ago and it was an awesome unit. Never seen one used below $300 here in Australia
As someone who has owned all three, I'm in agreement with the HD500. I prefer the Helicon system, but the Line 6 is the most versatile and you can sell it for exactly the same price if you move on later.