so i bought a ibanez from guitar center last year and im just now noticing that my picks dont look anything like the pickups being shown. when i bought my guitar i bought the floor model since it was the only one they had left and i really wanted a rg series guitar. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez/RG6003FM-Electric-Guitar-Flat-Vintage-Natural-1393862854380.gc this is the guitar i bought if you look at the pickups it says inf 3 , and for mine i uploaded a picture to imgur.my pick ups are just blank. is this just a newer model or is it possible someone just ripped off guitar center and they sold it to me http://imgur.com/a/Xw6hK
well it's a new line that's been only out for a couple years. My guess is originally it came with the pickups you have and eventually started using inf3 and 4s or vice versa.
Honestly, if the pickups are not the stock INF, you're probably better off.

They're seriously mediocre.
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^^ what he said. They were discontinued a couple years ago and were replaced with what's probably in your guitar.
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