Please help! I've been struggling with buzz and have narrowed it down to a grounding issue, as the buzz mostly all goes away when I hold the cord shield when in the jack, and a lot of it goes away when touching the bridge.


I'm doing 50's wiring on a LP studio with seymour duncan pearly gates. I had a pcb board and bought a harness on ebay. I tried to use the original jack and toggle switch wiring and just connect that to the new hardware. You can see near that red tape where green and black wires are soldered together - that's ground from switch to jack.

One thing I wonder about is if the parts grounded to the bridge volume should be grounded to the neck volume like the others are. What do you think? Also, any other ideas on what to do? Getting so fed up with buzz. Is there something I'm missing in my wiring?

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It's not really a grounding issue, it's a shielding issue. Your body is acting like an antenna and attracting stray waves in the air. When your body isn't grounded the waves jump to the guitar and some go to ground but some go to the hot. It gets quiet because you are touching grounded parts of your guitar so fewer waves mix with the hot signal. Adding shielding (don't forget to ground it) to the guitar will help reduce the problem but it's not going to completely get rid of it.
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Take off a knob and touch the bridge while touching a pot if it goes away then you need to ground your bridge. Make sure all your pots are grounded too you don't want one with a floating ground. Check the tabs on your input jack and make sure it is making good connection.