Hey guys,

So i'm working on doing my first ever duet to this song:

I've never been very good at composing and figuring out stuff by ear, especially when there's no guitar involved. I'm trying to figure out a basic progression but I'm not having much luck. I figured i'd identify the root note of the progression he's playing on the synth and as far as I'm aware the root notes are as follows:

C, G#, E C, A#, E. I'm using 0:14 - 0:40 as reference. I figured that would be the best section to get a base progression?

Now this is where I'm kind of lost. Where do I go from here? I try playing the corresponding chords and it still sounds a little off. I was hoping some of you guys who are a little more switched on when it comes to composing could help me out.

Thanks in advance
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I think the progression doesn't stray very far from C at all. The clue is that the little C C G G motif from the intro continues throughout.
How I'd arrange the progression on guitar, maybe not exact but I think it's close enough :
[C/E , C/G , C/E     , F   , Csus4, C/G     ] x2