I find as i get older, I just can't listen to punk and metal all day.

Just started listening to Harley Poe and he kinda hits that spot for me with the tone and subject matter.

What are some things you used to listen that doesn't do it for you anymore? Is there anything you used to hate that you like now?

My dad keeps telling me I'll like country music eventually. He told me that when I was 15 and he said it the other day, 15 years later. So i put on satanic country band, the cowmen and told him this is as country as I get.
I feel like my music taste is always changing. While my favorite genre is metal and when I was a kid I kinda only listened to metal I'm always finding new stuff to listen to now. Everything from Jazz to Classical to country to new metal I didn't know as a kid. Tough I always tend to stay away from grunge, punk and rap I just personally dont' enjoy much from any of them genres.
They can't stop us Let 'em try For heavy metal We will die!
i used to like guitar solos
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I used to find classical stuff boring and now it's more prominent.

I used to like deathcore and now I consider it an abortion of a genre
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There's some music that I liked in my early teens that I've lost interest in, but I can't think of any that I've gone from loving to hating (or vice versa). My tastes haven't really changed, they've only expanded.
My music taste never changes it just develops

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My music taste never changes it just develops

That's a pretty good way to put it.
They can't stop us Let 'em try For heavy metal We will die!
I don't even think I really have a music taste.
Whenever I want to listen to music I just go with whatever kind of sound I am in the mood for.

I don't branch out to much new music either. I have a few select albums from different genres I always seem to go back to and i'm fine with that
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How old where you when you outgrew metal?

I wouldn't say I've outgrown metal, I just don't listen to it as exclusively as I have for the last 15 or 20 years.

I did discover my three-year-old likes to head bang to exodus and slayer, which is pretty awesome.