I just have a few questions about guitar setup. I have a Schecter Diamond Series Gryphon and I wanted to put GHS .011-DY70 Roundwound Boomers on it. First, would that be possible/a worthwhile decision? Second (if so), do I need a lower tension for thicker strings and should my pickups be the standard 1/16th inch.? I'm pretty positive I would need lower tension just as I need to lower the bridge, correct me if I'm wrong. Lastly, are there and/or what are modifications I would need to make in order to make it work if it lacks the ability to support these strings currently? Any and all help would be vastly appreciated, thank you all .
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Before we can give any meaningful advice we could do with knowing what size your current strings are.

The most you should have to do is widen the nut slots, adjust the truss rod and then maybe adjust the bridge.

Is this on a 6/7/8 string?
So my current strings are .009 stainless steel strings and its a 6 string. I want to say they are D'addario strings, but I'm not positive. These new one's are GHS if it makes any difference.
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Going from 9's you will find that the wound string slots will definitely need widening.

You will also need to adjust your truss rod to deal with the tension of the new strings. If you are planning to tune to anything higher than b/drop a you will find that the strings are very high tension.

This will have a knock on effect with your intonation and will require adjustments to the bridge.
Also, when I string these on should I still tune to standard tuning then adjust the tension rod to compensate? I dont want it getting too tight and snapping or something.
You will need to tighten the truss rod to counteract the extra tension of the strings.

If you are tuning to standard tuning (EABGBe) i would not be using strings that thick. They will be far too tight to be comfortable.
Yeah I'm tuning to drop C, D standard at most. Lets say drop C for now. One I've strung them all on, then ill tune to drop C, then turn the truss rod to the right to tighten it which ill relieve tension by counteracting the string tension?
Turning the truss rod to the right tightens it which curves the neck backwards. This works against the tension of the strings which is trying to curve the neck forwards. You can check it by holding the strings down on both the first and last fret and seeing how much of a gap there is between the string and frets. This is called the neck relief.

Go slow when adjusting the truss rod, only a quarter turn or so at a time and keep checking.

You will need some relief or you will have a lot of string buzz. Aim for around 0.5mm between the string and the top of the 8th fret