Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago I decided to record my guitar in Reaper using Pod XT as a sound card. I tried a couple of tones from different VSTs such as Amplitube and they sounded quite good in Reaper.

Sadly, when I render/export my recordings and try to reproduce them in VLC or any other media player, I find that the guitars sound dull and without the warmth they had when I recorded and played them in Reaper. The result is the same even when I export the songs in the highest possible quality (WAV or FLAC format).

I don't know if this is due to some kind of misconfiguration or if I should find a replacement for the Pod and get another external sound card such as Scarlet Focusrite to achieve a higher recording quality, so any help / hint /clue will be highly appreciated.
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I just tried to import and export a commercial release and it sounds as good as the original release.

Maybe the Podxt isn't the best external sound card (I use it only for guitar VSTs), but I don't really know since my knowledge about audio technology is close to zero. Would the sound quality be significantly better with an affordable sound card instead of the Pod? I have Scarlet Focusrite Solo + Amplitube in mind, but I don't know if it's worth the money...

Thanks in advance
I'm not sure what is happening there. You should be able to use it that way. Maybe in the manual you can check where the usb output can go?
I have Boss GT-10 and you can tell it to put the usb out anyplace in the chain.
I'm not sure if the recordings would get any better. Try your POD with speaker disabled and a speaker IR liader in Reaper. I use NadIR and Kalthallen freeware impulses.
Your suggestions are really helpful, now I'm experimenting with different IRs and getting a fatter and less digital sound. Thanks!
By the way, sick guitars on your recordings
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That's very interesting because I like the tones from Dream is Dead, so I'll try the amps and IRs you mentioned as well. Thank you!
Nostromus If the file sounds great in Reaper, then the soundcard is not likely the issue. The soundcard doesn't do anything when you're simply exporting from reaper into Wav etc. the soundcard only affects the quality of the audio being captured when you record. Once audio has already been recorded, the soundcard stops being a factor on sound quality of the actual wav files.  The likely scenario is that you're listening at two different volumes ( which will drastically affect the tone) or your playback software on your PC has some kind of EQ curve ( make sure the EAQ is disabled).  Reaper can render precicely - I do it all the time.  Try rendering in realtime at the "best setting", though even the fastest mixdown sounds fine on my system.