Yeah, it's tuned a half step down.
Something like Asus2, quicker changes through G/B* and D (or Dsus2 / D5 looks closer to what he's playing), then on the G for the longest amount of time.

* was a bit confused about the voicing for this one, he looks to be fretting notes at both the 2nd and 4th fret, could be x2040x, in which case it could be Bm rather than G/B.
NSpen1thank you so much friend! I was thinking i saw a b minor in there but im not that good as some of you more experienced guys. Thanks a lot. Love that version. Thanks bro
NSpen1I appreciate you taking your time out for that. I.dont have my guitar where im at but will try it out after work tomm
The second chord sounds like x 2 4 4 0 0 to me. So it's basically a Bsus4.
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