I often tend to like how they write their reviews, very good sense of describing the music. I am a new comer to when it comes to aggregating reviews for music and maybe I am looking for the wrong things at the wrong places.

When I read criticisms towards Rolling Stone reviews, am I witnessing the shallow cries of certain individuals who have not been on the same page as the review or are Rolling Stone really the monolithic tower standing between their biases and objective reviewing of music ( Not that I can ever expect objectivity from any publication since even the most clinical method would contain traces of subjectivity.)

From what I've seen it's mostly rock and metal fans that bitch about the rolling stones and it's almost always them bitching about the fact that they talk about music that isn't rock or metal.

I don't read rolling stone so I can't say anything about how or what they wright about I'm just saying what I"ve seen.
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They have a history that goes back to the 60's/70's of shitting on bands only to jump on the bandwagon later.

lol their own website even has an article calling themselves out

Because people have opinions and people that really like to listen to or play music seem to have contrarian opinions at any point that might suit them
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the best Rolling Stone review was when Keith shit-talked Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band